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Flag Facts and Etiquette

How tall should my flagpole be?

Consider the size of the building and surrounding grounds. Generally, residential flagpoles are 20' - 25' in height. Commercial poles can be 30' - 80' tall.

What is a standard flag size?

For the Canadian flag the most common size is 36" x 72". The proportion for the Canadian flag is always 2 to 1. Almost all of our flags are made in Canada and are 2:1 in proportion.

What size flag should I fly?

A-1 Flags Inc. recommends the following SIZE guidelines: 36" x 72" flag for poles up to 30'; 45" x 90" flag for poles 30' - 40'; 54" x 108" flag for poles 40'. Flag extensions are required to fly two flags on one pole. Drop one size down for second flag. Lower flag should have slightly smaller dimensions. Consider wind resistance to ensure the flagpole can safely support the desired flag.

How long will a flag last?

There is no definite answer to how long a flag will last. The life of a flag depends on weather, location, contamination and how often you fly your flag. Your flag is a piece of cloth that spins, flaps, bakes and freezes. It is not uncommon that in certain conditions flags need replacing 3 times per year. Your flag can be repaired if slightly frayed or torn. A-1 Flags offers repair services.

How do I clean a flag? Can it be ironed?

Flags can be hand washed in a mild detergent. You can iron flags at the lowest heat setting or steam to remove wrinkles. Spread out the flag until dry. Do not store your flag wet or damp.

How do I dispose of my flag?

When a flag becomes tattered and is no longer in suitable condition for use, it should be destroyed in a dignified way by burning it privately. A-1 Flags will dispose of all your old flags in a dignified manner.

How much maintenance do flagpoles need?

Little or no maintenance is necessary for aluminum poles. Steel poles will usually require resurfacing in 2-6 years depending on the finish used and the area in which the pole is located. Stainless Steel requires little or no maintenance to maintain its appearance. Halyard and external hardware should be checked every few months for wear and tear.

Do you provide installation services?

A-1 Flags Inc. will install anything we sell - at very competitive rates. We have all the equipment required including a bucket truck and our professional installation team is experienced in handling any size job. Big or small we are happy to offer our services.

How much is a custom flag?

Pricing is based on flag size and quantity. Please contact A-1 Flags for a custom quote.

Still have questions or need a quote?

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