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Residential, Commercial and Architectural Flagpoles

Aluminum Flagpoles from 18'- 80'.
Flagpoles are quoted per job, based on materials, location, delivery and installation. All flagpoles come with a heavy duty nylon Canada flag.
A-1 Flags Inc. provides complete service for all your flagpole requirements:
Supply of flagpoles, parts and hardware.
Concrete base installation.
Assemble, deliver and erect new flagpoles.
Refurbish flagpoles.
Repair, service and parts replacement .
Removal and relocation.
Roof and Wall mounted flagpoles.
Banner Systems.
Aluminum Flagpoles

Being maintenance free and possessing high strength, low weight and low cost, aluminum is by far the most popular choice. Aluminum is weather resistant and will last longer than any other material used.

External Halyard System: A braided polyester rope through a stationary pulley at the top runs down the outside of the pole and is secured using a cleat. This is a relatively inexpensive rigging system and is used where flag security is not an issue. Flag wrapping can be a problem due to the stationary top.

Internal Halyard systems: A combination of stainless steel cable and durable plastic chain routed through the interior of the shaft and secured using a fastening hook. Access to the chain and hook is protected by a locked door. A revolving cap or ball top is standard and prevents the flag from wrapping. Internal halyard systems are used where vandalism is a concern.

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